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Car Meeting Around The World

Here you can mint your own CMATW NFTs!

The official date when you can purchase your own NFT is March 28, 2023, and the private sale takes place on the same day, 3 hours before the public sale

Connect your wallet first to be able to make the purchase and make sure in advance that you have the right amount in your wallet to be sure you don't miss the chance! Don't forget that you need the exact amount to be able to buy NFTs plus the gas fee!
After your transaction has been confirmed, you can find the NFTs you bought on your account on OpenSea!

Mint Your NFTs
  • Price

    0.23 ETH

  • Remaining


  • Quantity

    - 2 +
  • Total Price

    0.48 ETH + GAS

Mint Closed

By clicking “MINT NOW” button, you are about to sign the purchase contract!